File Standards Guide

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Liquipedia has a few set standards of file sizes and types for different uses.

(The format for explaining width and height will be WxH where W is the width in pixels and H is the height in pixels.)

Images for infoboxes
These images should be at least 336 pixels wide, better would be 772 pixels, no restriction on height, but most of the time you would not want this to be more than 1.67 times the width. The maximum width the image will be displayed at is 772px in certain display sizes.
Small Team Logos (in lists, in tables, and in brackets)
These images should be 120x50, with a transparent background. They will be resized depending on where they're used. so make them look good at around 50% zoom. The old standard used to be 60x25 but we've updated this standard to make them look less blurry on high pixel density (retina) displays.
Small League Icons
These images should be 50x50, (the old standard was 25x25px, but was updated for the same reason as the Team Logos).